The vision and mission statement of the Ina Mae Rude Aquatic Center is “providing individuals with an opportunity for improved health, vitality and quality of life through warm water exercise and fitness activity”.  The Ina Mae Rude Aquatic Center is a state of the art therapeutic and exercise pool built by native businessman Ray Rude, inventor of the Duraflex competition diving board, exclusively used at Olympic diving events since 1960.   It houses a 1,120 square foot wheelchair accessible, 92 degree warm water pool.  It also houses a wellness center that allows the residents of Stanley a wide range of health and fitness needs.  The Ina Mae Rude Aquatic Center is attached to the Mountrail County Health Center, which is made up of the Mountrail Bethel Home, Mountrail County Medical Center and the T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic.  The center is open to the public and also offers memberships to individuals, families and corporations. Get the latest news and current schedule by following us on Facebook.